The Many Benefits of a Charlotte Facial

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Each of us is more than a just pretty face — and in terms of self-worth, it’s absolutely true. We are more than the summation of our eyes, nose, lips and skin. As we age however, our faces, more specifically our skin, begin to show signs that we are no longer in our twenties. Skin, once supple, smooth and firm, begins to lose its elasticity and unwanted wrinkles, frown lines and crows feet start to form. These changes, as a result, can affect how “pretty” we actually feel.

Sought after products and services

Nowadays with the help of cosmeceutical-grade products created with the latest bio-technology, we’re able to slow and sometimes reverse the physical signs of aging on our skin with facials. But these aren’t the only benefits to Charlotte facials.

Facials at Palestra Boutique Spa are sought after for their ability to:

    • clean skin deeply to the pores
    • improve appearance of oily or dry skin
    • stimulate cell renewal, and
    • fade appearance of dark spots due to breakouts

We know that no two people are the same. So our skillful estheticians trained in the finest of European facial techniques will work with you to find the best treatment for your skin. We perform skin treatments and facials using noninvasive therapies that target a variety of skincare needs, including:

    • acne
    • anti-aging
    • blemished dry or dehydrated skin
    • deprived
    • hormonal

Our relaxing and peaceful environment

The moment you step into Palestra Boutique Spa for your Charlotte facial, you will notice the attention that has been given to every detail to ensure your visit is peaceful. From start to finish, a facial at Charlotte’s premier skin care clinic Palestra Boutique Spa is more than just about your skin — it is an experience designed to pamper yourself, de-stress and relax.

If you live in or are visiting Charlotte, facials are a great way for men and women to keep their skin looking healthy. For more information about skin treatments or to schedule an appointment for your next Charlotte facial, contact Palestra Boutique Spa at (704) 342-4660.

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