permanent makeup being applied

Permanent MakeUp


A comprehensive consultation is the start of a successful outcome of any micro-pigmentation procedure. During the consult, the technician explains before and after procedures to ensure optimum results. She also discusses your goals and expectations and makes suggestions for design and pigment color choices. Your technician reviews your client intake form and health profile before undergoing a permanent makeup procedure to make sure you are a suitable candidate.

The consultation fee is $50 and is applied towards any permanent make up service.



Beautiful eyebrows are truly eye-catching! Enjoy a natural look achieved with custom-blended pigment colors that not only defines your face, but also gives a lifted look and a younger appearance. This procedure is ideal for uneven eyebrows, loss of eyebrow hairs or loss of pigmented hairs due to natural causes, disease or disorder and other trauma.


Permanent eyeliner gives definition to the shape of eyes with varied effects; from a soft, subtle look, to a more defined, dramatic appearance. The application can be done on either the upper or lower eyeliner or both. Save yourself a little time and effort each day with permanently made up eyes.


Lip procedures can enhance or correct the shape of lips and add fullness and definition where desired. Permanent lip color is custom blended from a soft, natural look to a more dramatic look. Permanent lipliner is the solution for diminishing the look of age lines around the lips, while preventing lipstick from “bleeding” into skin.

Beauty Mark

A beauty mark is considered one of the classic seven beauty signs and now more women choose to look attractive with an added symbol of beauty artfully designed with permanent makeup.

Corrective Procedures

Cosmetic camouflage can help even out the appearance of scarring, discolorations and birth marks. These procedures are particularly beneficial to alopecia patients, hair loss conditions, burn victims and other trauma, Also, re-pigmentation of the areola after a mastectomy or breast augmentation can complete a reconstructive surgical procedure. Lastly, as unfortunate as it may seem, not all permanent makeup artists are created equal and procedures may not always have the desired outcome. Our Board-Certified Permanent Makeup Artist is there for you to suggest a method of correction. As each procedure is unique, the technician uses her trusted skills and artistry to help regain a beautiful appearance.


A follow-up appointment is scheduled within a month of the initial procedure as part of the permanent makeup procedure.