Our Massage and Body Treatments have been custom-designed to inspire and nourish your soul. We offer a variety of treatments to restore your skin and invigorate your body. Our therapists are skilled in the craft of rejuvenation and relaxation. Services include Hot Stone Massage, Deep Tissue, and many more.  We also offer specialty massages such as, “Golf” specifically tailored to improve your golf swing, as well as Pre- and Postnatal Massage. Choose your desired service or call us for a free consultation.

Body Rituals

Sensations Orientales $140 – A captivating ritual with oriental fragrances of Myrrh and Amber. In the initiation phase to this journey, a hand-crafted exfoliating stone is used. This clay stone was created by a regional artisan in Corrèze, France using traditional methods. Your take home “souvenir” can be re-used for personal care. Warmed amber modelling oil is massaged into skin next, with deeply relaxing massage techniques exclusively developed by Sothys. This unrivaled sensory experience leaves skin luminous, soft and hydrated. – time 1’15 hour

Hanakasumi  $124 – Hanakasumi means “Mist of Cherry Blossoms” in Japanese. A rejuvenating and nourishing body ritual inspired by Japanese tradition. Papaya exfoliation leaves skin silky soft, while a Sothys Signature foot massage is performed. Warmed shea butter delicately perfumed with cherry blossom and rice powder is applied to the skin for long-lasting smoothness and hydration. An invitation to travel to far-off places – time 1’15 hour

Customized Sensorial Escape  $125 – A customized and unique body ritual with delicate aromas offers total relaxation and a sensory experience. The ritual begins with a sweet and salty exfoliation for velvety soft skin. A superbly relaxing body massage with your choice of essential oils is added to make this ritual truly a one-of-its kind treatment – time 1’15 hour

Exfoliation Ritual

Sensorial Body Buff  $72 – A gentle exfoliation ritual for all skin types. Sea salts and natural sugar grains leave the skin velvety soft and smooth. Customize by selecting one of 3 fragrant escapes: lemon & petitgrain, orange blossom & cedar wood or vanilla & sandalwood – time 0’30 min

Body Massages

Our Massage and Body Treatments range from intensity, but equally serve to satisfy our customers.

Traditional Swedish Massage  Relaxing body massage to help increase blood flow, minimize muscle fatigue, reduce stress, flush metabolic waste, and keep muscles and skin supple. Great overall de-stressing treatment. $55 for time 0’30 min, $90 for time 1’00 hour, $113 for time 1’30 hours

Integrated Deep Tissue Massage  Focus is on the deeper layer of muscle tissue. Its aim is to release the chronic pattern of muscle tension through slower strokes and more direct and deep pressure or friction to specific areas. This massage is recommended to help loosen muscle tension, promote blood and oxygen flow to the area, release toxins. $65 for time 0’30 min, $100 for time 1’00 hour, $137 for time 1’30 hours

Specialty Massages and Body Treatments

Based upon our variety of body massages you can choose according to your body’s needs. The goal is to benefit the body, skin and mind. 

Warm Stone  $113 – The gentle warmth from the heated river stones penetrates quickly into the deeper layers of skin, giving faster relief to tightened muscles than manual massage alone. The smooth stones feel like an extra set of warmed hands and facilitate comfort and total relaxation, and improving blood circulation. This treatment can be given oil-free – time 1,00 hour or $146 for time 1’30 hour

Bamboo  $103 – This exotic full body massage, performed with warm bamboo tools of varying shapes and sizes, is a luxurious experience you’ll not forget soon! Bamboo massage will greatly reduce tension and stress and provides welcomed relief from tight muscles, leaving you wonderfully relaxed and revitalized – time 1’00 hour

Raindrop  $108 – Essential oils are dropped along the spine and then worked into the skin using specific light strokes to stimulate energy impulses and disperse the oils along the nervous system throughout the body. In this way, the body can be brought into balance and the energy centers can be cleared and re-aligned. Helps support the immune system – time 1’00 hour

Golf  $108 – Designed to help improve your golf swing, perfect balance and concentration, enhance motor skills. Come in before a golf event to warm up muscles and prepare for the game, or after the event for proper cool-down. The massage therapist will provide you with viable stretching exercises – time 1’15 hours

Pre- or Postnatal Massage  $103 – Recommended for pregnant women to increase physical and mental health and well-being for mother and unborn baby – time 1’00 hour

Customized Slimming and Firming Therapy  $95 – This program offers a customized solution to targeting cellulite and skin that has lost elasticity. At the beginning of each appointment, the Sothys spa professional will perform a client diagnosis in order to recommend a personalized program  – time 1’00 hour

Specialty Massage Therapies – available upon request.

All of our body treatments are performed shower-less.

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