Express Technology Spa Treatments

MicroPeel Decongest/Ionization
$71 – Tech-savvy skin treatment using ultrasonic exfoliation, leaving skin smooth, fresh and perfectly prepared for product application. Next, active ingredients are brought into the skin for hydration with the patented micro-current capabilities. A nano treatment with mega benefits, timed right to fit any active lifestyle. – time 0’30 min

MicroPeel BT-Lift
$81 – MicroPeel goes maxi with a cocktail of 3 skin energizing serums to regulate cellular metabolism, reversing oxidative effects of the environment and assist in anti-aging. Excellent treatment for those leading a 24/7 demanding lifestyle as it gears up micro-circulation and regeneration. The results are a vitalized and firmer skin. – time 0’30 min

LED  Light Therapy
$81 – A non-invasive therapy, which triggers the skin to convert light into cell energy. Boosts micro-circulation and metabolism. This results in reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, wound healing, and reduction of overall redness. – time 0’30 min

Micro-current EyeLift
$104 – Expect to look and feel refreshed with this non-invasive treatment. Tones and firms skin with sub-sensory micro-current technology, giving a relaxed appearance around eyes and forehead. – time 0’45 min

Micro-current TurboLift
$110 – A face “workout” excellent to tone and firm skin, while stimulating cellular metabolism for healthy functioning. This non-invasive treatment assists in collagen and ATP (Adeno Tri Phosphate) energy production. Skin is immediately relaxed and revitalized. – time 0’45 min

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