Loyalty Rewards

With Perkville, Loyalty Rewards Program partner of Palestra Boutique Spa, you can earn points for your spa visits, referrals of friends, or posting about us on social media! You’ll receive an invitation to join the program after your first spa visit, or you can easily sign-up here today. Your email address will be linked to the points that you will earn.

How It Works

Once you create an account, you can track your points online from your computer or smartphone and participate in activities to earn more points, such as posting about your experience with us on Facebook and Twitter and referring your friends. Once you earn enough points for rewards, you can redeem those points on Perkville and bring in a voucher to use as payment in the spa.

Perkville is a trusted partner in the wellness industry. Perkville will never share or use any customer information with third parties.

How Do I Get Started?

Create an account at www.perkville.com. Make sure to use the same email account that you signed up with at our spa. You’ll earn 50 points just for joining!

How Can I Earn Points?

  • Refer a friend (200 points)
  • Join the rewards program (50 points)
  • Have a birthday – we love that you were born! (50 points)
  • Post about us on Facebook (see instructions below) (10 points)
  • Follow us on Twitter (20 points)
  • Join our events (20 points)
  • Tweet about us (5 points)
  • Limited time only bonus earnings

What Perks Can I Redeem With My Points?

Here are a few examples of how you can use your points.

  • Sothys Energizing Ampoules (300 points)
  • $10 off on any Retail Purchase or Spa Service (500 points)
  • A Chair Massage or Eco-Fin Paraffin-free hand or foot treatment (800 points)
  • Introductory Health Coaching Session or Private Yoga Session (1,000 points)

How Do I Redeem My Perks?

Log into your Perkville account to see your points – when you earn enough points for one of the perks listed above, the option to redeem that perk will appear on your account. You’ll choose your perk, print out the voucher, and bring it into the spa for redemption.

How Do I Earn Points For Referring A Friend?

You’ll need to sign in to your Perkville account and enter your friend’s email address to send them a referral email. When they come in for their first spa visit, we’ll ask them for their email address. If the address they give us matches the address you entered into your Perkville account, you’ll automatically earn points for referring them on their first visit.

How Do I Earn Points For Posting On Facebook Or Twitter?

After you earn points in one of the ways listed above, Perkville will prompt you to earn additional points by posting about your experience to Facebook and/or Twitter. When you receive your first prompt, follow the instructions to connect your Perkville account to your Facebook and/or Twitter account and post away!

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