Simplicity calms the mind. Our responsiveness to your needs is second nature to us. Your experience starts here with pleasing choices, tailor-made for you to celebrate any occasion and life’s moments.
*Packages include 18% service charge for your convenience. 24-Hour cancellation policy applies.

Take the journey to well-being in pure relaxation, with these globally inspired spa therapies, created to balance the body and mind.
As a prelude, during the Thai Foot Massage Therapy, feet are pre-warmed in a salt-water copper foot bath. Authentic Thai massage techniques innervate the Sen lines, or energy pathways through which life flows, from the feet to corresponding internal organs in the body.
The traditional Luk Pra Kob, is the Thai translation for “pressing herbal sphere”, in which hand-made muslin cloth, filled with healing spices and herbs, are applied warm to the skin and are used to massage the facial muscles. This treatment promotes a general sense of health and well-being and boosts the immune system.

We offer an intermezzo plate of sushi (or alternative) along with warm green tea complimentary.

Its captivating aroma of Amber and Myrrh in the Sensations Orientales transports to a faraway place between indulgence and decadence. This body ritual begins with an exfoliation and is enhanced with an exclusively Sothys terra-cotta stone from the Corrèze region in France, your take-home gift from us. Warmed towels remove excess debris and is followed by a warmed rich oil of Dates and Amber massaged into the skin with deep smoothing and stretching movements.

Collect the Sensations Orientales products at the spa to continue your delightful experience at home.

3.5 hours $398

(Includes services as described, 5% package discount, 18% service charge, small complimentary food plate and drink, take home gift)

The design of the Metalmorphosis has a “choreographed movement on a magnificent scale, creating a beautiful synergy between form and function”. This spa package is composed of three transforming treatments working together for striking results.

First, the UltraSonic Microdermabrasion removes dead skin cells and cleanses the pores with a metal spatula that uses low frequency sound waves to create a gentle process called cavitation. The skin becomes clearer and leaves a healthier complexion without redness or irritation. An infusion of hyaluronic acid regains optimum hydration to the skin.

In the Bio-Ultimate Microcurrent face treatment, a low level electricity is used to trigger chemical reactions on a cellular level to boost collagen and elastin production and ATP, the Adenosine TriPhospate, or energy “vehicles” for the cells.

Expression lines disappear and skin’s tension will relax, minimizing wrinkles. The skin tone sculpts and tightens and provides a mini facelift appearance without downtime.

To awaken the appetite, a light platter of crudités is offered along with a Aloe juice for hydration.

The final treatment is a refreshing process of infusing oxygen combined with 87 different vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes to the skin that are propelled into the deeper layers of the skin. It leaves the skin invigorated and rejuvenated.

For your skin to remain energized long after your stay with us, we gift you with a $20 credit towards products of the Sothys Energizing home care line.

3 hours $410

(includes services as described, 5% package discount, 18% service charge, $20 bonus credit for Sothys energizing home care products, drink and platter, gift bag)

One cleansing treatment every 4 weeks is a good start for healthy skin. During this 45-minute facial, the esthetician will use steam to open up the pores, along with a deep cleanse to loosen up trapped impurities. In the next stage, the pores are cleansed and is followed with a mask appropriate for the skin type. Choose in which of the 4 Express Facial, the esthetician shall incorporate the enzyme peel enhancement for additional benefits.
Come in. Receive, Repeat. This routine introduces a new familiarity and establishes healthy skin habits for any young guest.

As a take-home gift on the first visit, a Starter Kit to treat acne skin is offered.


(includes 4 services at 4 week intervals, one enzyme peel treatment, 5% package discount, 18% service charge, Murad Acne Starter Kit, information sheet on acne)

A quick pit stop at our spa is a necessity for any man in need of R&R. Step out of the race for a moment to get refueled and leave energized to continue the ride of daily life.

Start your visit with a detox drink to boost energy, cleanse the liver and promote skin health among other benefits.

First stop: a totally energizing facial that uses a volcanic rock, known for its powerful skin detoxifying properties. This treatment combines a relaxing scalp massage with an deep cleanse and an invigorating aromatic neck, shoulder and face massage, followed with a calming mask to reduce signs of razor bump irritation. Skin is immediately restored and refreshed.

The last stop provides much needed attention to areas of the body most prone to stress and muscle tension during a one hour deep tissue body massage.

We send you off with a healthy power bar for nourishment and a Sothys men’s skin care kit for extended benefits at home.

2.5 hours $284

(includes services as described, 5% package discount, 18% service charge, power bar and detox drink, take home gift Sothys Men’s travel kit)

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