Simplify Summer Skin Care

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Simplify Summer Skin Care

The Summer season is upon us, and many people will be taking the roads to enjoy the summer fun.  So many of us will give up our skin care routine in favor of simplicity during our travels, but we don’t have to. Simplify your Summer skin care routine, without compromising your skin!

The effects of travel on your skin and body often leaves you dry and itchy, more prone to breakouts, and signs of aging. When you are getting ready for the next trip, make sure to include these beauty tricks.

Adjust your facial products to your travel plans

Before leaving check in with your skin care professional to find out if your home care regimen is appropriate for use on your trip. Visiting  areas with hotter than your skin is used to will lower the moisture level in your skin. Without adequate hydration, skin cells do not work properly, causing damage. Dry, irritated, itchy and flaky skin, are all the result of dehydration.

If your visiting a city with higher pollution, you must protect your skin from pollutants such as ozone and smog. Vitamin C and other anti-oxidants fight against harmful free-radicals.

Always wear sunscreen.. Your skin care program should include sun protection… lots of sunscreen. Sunscreen should be at least 30 spf and protect against UVA and UVB rays..

A few days before leaving, have a  hydrating or energizing oxygen facial, which will condition your skin. You can even have an invigorating eye treatment at the spa. Take some time to relax before your trip and get a massage while your at it!

If you have been on the same skin care program for over a year, consider supercharging your skin with a specialty care program during your trip. These intensive skin care kits contain relatively more potent (and exclusive) ingredients to stimulate the skin’s natural functioning.

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