The Many Benefits of Massage

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Massage triggers many benefits. Relaxation is only one of them!

The art of massage has been around since the days of ancient Greece, Egypt, and Rome.  An estimated 20 million people are relieved by at least one massage each year. These people go and get there massage for good reason- and its not just for relaxation. Here are some benefits for you to help body and mind.

Massage strokes

Massage on a woman’s back.

Massage Soothes Muscle Pain

There are many causes for muscle pain. It can be due to nerve damage, lack of blood flow, or even from an injury do to over exertion.  Muscle massage therapy is applied directly to the areas of pain, which gets the blood flowing, and increases oxygen to the muscles.

Muscle massage therapy is known to improve flexibility and decrease swelling. resulting in less  stiffness. The endorphin’s released during a massage therapy session also boost levels of naturally occurring hormones, serotonin and dopamine, which support pain management.

Use massage to relieve migraines

More than 40 million people in the US suffer from migraines or chronic headaches. With the aid of massage therapy, the pain associated with these headaches, similar to other muscles, has been shown to reduce. During the days and weeks following sessions, migraine sufferers reported fewer headaches and interruptions during sleep and diminished symptoms of distress.

Increases circulation and blood flow

When circulation is poor, blood cannot get to the muscles causing cold hands, cold feet and fatigue.  Also, when circulation is poor, lactic acid can build up causing cramping. While poor circulation could be the result of an underlying medical condition in which you should consult your doctor immediately.  During a massage the therapist can apply pressure on various parts of the body, targeting areas of tension and poor blood flow. This flushes lactic acid from the muscles and forces new, oxygen-rich blood to flow through and improve circulation.



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