Unique Spa Treatments From Around the World

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From Hay Baths to Cryotherapy. How Spa Treatments Conquer the World.

After you read these, you might think to yourself that anything can be considered a spa treatment. The Hay Bath from Italy is very different from our skin treatments here at Palestra. The next time you check out our menu of services and think to yourself, hmmm… that’s different. Remember these unique spa treatments from around the world.


In Hershey, PA. you can indulge in more than a sweet chocolate treat. You can have it poured all over your body too.  The Spa at the Hotel Hershey offers a 75-minute chocolate facial.  Dark chocolate is known for its antioxidants and age fighting characteristics.  The resort reports that the facial delivers the antioxidants and vitamins directly into the skin which better promotes healing and battles age progression.

Black Pepper

Black pepper is not just for steak anymore. It can also be used as a body scrub that gets your blood moving. The Poh Tree Thai Spa in New York City offers a skin treatment that begins with a green tea moisturizer and is followed by a black pepper body scrub. Then, as the tingling sensation increases, the body is slathered with extracts of live silk worms.  This treatment is thought to detoxify the body and make you loose water weight.


Being frozen almost to death is the latest treatment available in Finland. Cryotherapy is thought to remove toxins and strengthen the immune system. As you enter into the cryogenic chamber your body is treated to a negative 148 degree Fahrenheit spa treatment. A person can only spend about a few minutes at that temperature. Any longer and hypothermia and death will be soon to follow.

Hay Bath

The Hay Bath in South Tyrol, Italy is considered to be one of the top treatments at many of the local spas. The body is wrapped in soaking hay which has been recently cut in the early morning. This is when the grass still has all of the ethereal oils. It is thought to be a detoxification treatment and has become very popular.


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