Why Wait to Get Pampered

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Back_Massage_Caring_Hands_MassagesWe often think of spa day as a day to hang out with our best friends or just a solo day of relaxing. But we almost always think of spas as a special treat after a long week of work or a busy month without a break. Once our stress levels pile up we tend to decompress with something we can indulge in. But, why wait to get pampered? Pampering does not have to be a reward. The truth is, receiving a massage has deeper meaning than just “feeling good.” Although a massage does satisfy superficial norms, it also relaxes our inner mind, body, and soul.

There are endless reasons why massages benefit our body. Here are the top 4 reasons why you shouldn’t wait to get a massage. Instead, indulge consistently.

Massages alleviate chronic pain. This is one of the primary reasons why massages are so pertinent to our bodies. People with chronic shoulder, neck, and back issues tend to seek therapeutic help. This choice of remedy reduces the causes of pain and is a healthier alternative/ more holistic approach. Which is better than turning to synthetic drugs for pain relief.

Massages improve sleeping patterns. For many stressful workers, sleep is the last of our worries. But, 8 hours of sleep is important to reduce tension in muscles, rejuvenate skin, and balance hormone levels. Massages promote a deeper, more relaxed sleep.

Massages boost a person’s immunity. When people are constantly stressed and anxious, it makes it tough for your body to defend toxic pathogens. Massages enable the lymphatic system to drain and release bacteria, increasing immunity.

Massages have the opportunity to relieve mild depression. Therapeutic healing releases tension, stress and anxiety that are often characteristics of mild depression. Due to physical touch during a massage it allows your body to lower cortisol levels and stress hormones. This is a natural way to regulate hormone levels and improve mental health.

Therefore, next time you feel the urge to get pampered, remember that there is no time limit for when you can schedule your next appointment. Get up and go relax!

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